Welcome to EmailMeditations.  My name is Leon Stier.  I am a retired Lutheran (LCMC) pastor, having served small town and rural congregations in North Dakota and Minnesota for forty years.


     For the last several years I have been doing a daily meditation that is available at my WordPress website (see the Home page).   These EmailMeditations are brief meditations on the Christian life sent daily to subscribers at no cost.  Like the many different books of a library, these meditations come from a wide variety of times and places and theological perspectives.  Included are prayers, Bible studies, selections from the devotional classics, quotes, random thoughts, stories, and hymns.  You may not agree with everything in these meditations.  I do not even agree with every sentence of every reading included here.  The various writers would certainly not agree with each other on every point, but all are within the wide boundaries of traditional Christianity.  

     The meditations average 1,000 words in length.  The average person can read 200 words a minute.  Therefore, if you take an extra five minutes each day as you are reading your email (or surfing the net), you will have wedged into your busy schedule a little time to think about God and your eternal destiny.  At the Home page you may access today’s meditation, archives of all past meditations, and the opportunity to subscribe.

     Emailmeditations are also on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/emailmeditations , or from your Facebook page enter “Email Meditations.’


     There are over two thousand EmailMeditations already posted, covering a wide range of what Christianity is all about.  But each meditation in itself gives only a brief glimpse of Christian truth, and meditations are presented each day without an overall, organized outline or system.  Therefore, I have added to this website a ten-session course that gives a more systematic overview of the entire Christian faith.  

     The course is based on John Schwarz’s book What’s Christianity All About?, a well organized, comprehensive description of what Christians believe A shorter version of that book, Living Faith, is posted at THE BOOK(s) tab above, along with information on obtaining a copy of What’s Christianity All About?  An outline of the book, along with links to related EmailMeditations, integrates the two approaches and can be found at the BOOK AND BLOG tab.  

     Noted evangelical leader John Stott gave the book this endorsement:  “The most appropriate description that I can think of for John Schwarz’s book is that it is a great deal in a small space.  We are given a succinct summary of the contents of the Bible, a brief history of Christianity, an  introduction to other religions, together with outlines of both Christian belief and behavior.  John Schwarz has succeeded in giving us a mine of information, some skillful overviews, and in areas of controversy, a fair statement of the different options.”  It is a helpful guide for those seeking to understand the faith, either as inquirers, new believers, or life-long Christians who would like to learn more.

     For more information on the book and its author (and additional endorsements) go to the ABOUT THE BOOK tab above.


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     Thank you for visiting Emailmeditations.  It is my prayer that these daily meditations, along with the readings already posted, may be of help to you in coming to know and trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and to your growth in faith and obedience.

In Christ,

Pastor Leon Stier